SSC GD Constable Exam 1st Shift 3rd December 2021 Exam General knowledge and English Questions


SSC GD Exam 2021  (3rd December 1st Shift)

SSC GD Constable Exam 2021 December 3rd First Shift (Shift 1) Asked Real Questions we are Mentioned below !
1 ) Under which constitutional amendment was the merger of the princely states in India, 
Ans : 26th constitutional amendment
2) who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly
Ans : Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar 
3) Where is Hemis National Park located in 
Ans : Ladakh, Leh
4) Bhutia is a tribe of which Indian state ?
Ans : Sikkim
5) Which book is Arvind Adig's book?
Ans : * The White Tiger: A Novel
          * Amnesty 2020
          * Selection Day 2016

6) On which day is the consumer day celebrated??
Ans : 15 March
7) In which state is the Harappan city of Lothal located?
Ans : Gujarath
Note : Shikaripura Ranganatha Rao discovered Lothal
8) Whose tomb is not located in Uttar Pradesh?
Ans : Jahangir's Tomb 
Note : Jahangir's Tomb, Shahdara, Pakistan
9) Duryodhan Singh Negi is related to which sport?  Ans : from boxing
10) Who is the author of "Sita the Warrior of Mithila"?  Ans : Amish Tripathi
11) What is the synonym of "river"?  
Ans : Sarita
12) What is the synonym of "papiha"? 
Ans : Chatak, cloud life, papiera
13) Which is the dance of Sikkim ?
Ans :  Folk dances of Sikkim include Choo Phat dance, Sikmari, Singhai Cham or Snow Lion dance, Yak Cham, Denjong Nanha, Tashi Yangku dance, Khukhuri dance, Chutke dance, Maruni dance.
14) Where is the Statue of Unity ?
Ans :  located in Narmada district, Gujarat
15) Manjira and Krishna's tributaries were asked.?
 Valdi Manjira is the main tributary of Godavari &
Bhima, Tungabhadra, Godavari, Kaveri.
16) Name the synonyms of Ganga?
Ans : Devanadi, Mandakini, Bhagirathi, Vishrupaga, Devapaga, Dhruvananda, Sursarita, Devanadi, Jahnavi, Sursari, Amartarangini, Vishnupadi, Nadeshwari, Tripathaga.
17) Day double night quadruple idioms tell the meaning of making a lot of progress, making a lot of progress
18) State the antonym of profit ?
Ans :  Loss or Loss
19) Give antonyms of the word reason?
Ans : Work
20) Who is the author of the book "Amazing Ayodhya"?
Ans : Nina Ray
21) Who has got the National Teacher Award Award 2020?
Ans : On the occasion of Teachers' Day 2020, President Ram Nath Kovind honored 47 teachers from across the country.  These awards were given online due to Corona infection.  For the first time, 47 teachers were given the 'National Teacher Award' through virtual medium on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

SSC GD English Questions Available

22) Who was the revenue minister of Akbar ?
Ans : Raja Todarmal
23) "Who is not in favor of anyone" One word for the whole sentence?
Ans : Neutral.
24) What is the correct spelling of "Probation"?
25) What is the antonym of "stationary"?
Ans : Moveable.
26) In which state is Dholavira located?  
Ans : Kutch in Gujarat.
27) Which season comes before the summer season?
Ans : Winter (Wasantha Ruth or Madhumas)
28) WHO Foundation First CEO ?
Ans : Anil Soni

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