SSC GD Exam 2021 Shift 1 2 and 3 | 7th December 2021

SSC GD Constable (07 December 2021)

1st Shift

1) Who has become the first foreign player to score 5000 runs in IPL?
Ans : David Warner (Australia)
Note : No. 2 AB de Villiers of South Africa

2) In which state is the maximum gold found?
Ans : Karnataka

3) What is the literacy percentage of Bihar state as per census 2011 ?
Ans : 63.8%.
Note : The literacy rate in Bihar was 47.0 percent in 2001, which increased to 63.8 percent in 2011.  This is an increase of 16.8 percent in a decade.  This increase is the highest among all the states in the country in a decade.  In the year 2001, the male literacy rate was 60.3 percent and the female literacy was 33.6 percent.

4) What is the full form of GDP ?
Ans : Gross domestic product.

5) Which article deals with the Manner of election of President. ?
Ans : Article 55, Part 5.
Note : The provision of the presidency is mentioned in Article 52

6) Where was the BRICS Summit 2020 held ?
Ans : Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Note : 2021 India

7) Who were the lawyers of Bengal in the 1920 movement ?
Ans : Munshi Chittaranjan Das.

8) What is the real name of The Great Khali ?
Ans : Dilip Singh Rana.

9) Right to Information 2005 was not implemented in which state
Ans : Jammu and Kashmir.

10) Who is the current External Affairs Minister of India ?
Ans : Subramaniam Jaishankar.

11) Who is the first Indian woman to receive Ashoka Chakra ?
Ans : Neerja Bhanot.

12) Which festival is celebrated at the time of harvesting in Punjab,?
Ans :  Baisakhi

13) Mudiyettu Nritte / Rangan Thattu is the dance of which state ?
Ans : Kerala.

14) Article 170 deals with ?
Ans : the composition of the Legislative Assemblies

15) How much is the prize money given in Jnanpith Award ?
Ans : 11 lakh rupees.
Note : The award carries a sum of Rs 11 lakh, a citation and a bronze statue of Vagdevi.

16) In old age the capacity of the organ decreases ?
Ans : Eyes

17) Rubella is a viral disease, so what is malaria?
Ans : comes from protozoa

18) When was the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana started ?
Ans : is a scheme launched by the Central Government on 1 May 2016.  Under this scheme poor women will get free LPG gas connection.

19) How was the writing edited in the building in the Delhi Sultanate?

20) tell the antonym of innocent ?
Ans : guilty, guilty

21) Synonyms of Himalaya ?
Ans : Himgiri, Himachal, Giriraj, Parvatraj, Nagpati, Himpati, Nagraj, Himadri, Nagesh.  etc. 

22) What is the name of the person who adopts a son?
Ans : Adoption.

23) spell out substance ?

24) spell out excellent ,?

25) give synonyms of joy ?
Ans : joy, pleasure, frolic, ecstasy

26) change of color means
Ans : to change

27) antonym of deceit, ?
Ans : sincere, sincere

30) What is the synonym of infinite ?
Ans : Sky.

2nd Shift

1) Which team has won the IPL title 5 times in IPL ?
Ans : Mumbai Indian (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020)

2) Which of the following is the national sport of Sri Lanka ?
Ans : Volleyball.

3) The theme of the year 2020 BRICS summit ?
Ans :  'Global Sustainability, Shared Security and Innovative Development'

4) Who is the MD and CEO of HDFC Bank ?
Ans : Shashidar Jagadheeshan.

5) Recently ₹ 100 coins were issued ?
Ans : Prime Minister Narendra Modi
PM Modi has issued a commemorative coin of 100 rupees.  This coin has been issued by PM Modi in honor of Vijaya Raje Scindia.

6) When was the Communist party of India formed?
Ans : This party was established on 26 December 1925 in Kanpur city.  Communist Party of India was founded by MN Rai

7) Which of these rivers falls into the Arabian Sea ?
Ans : Narmada Krishna Godavari.
Note - Narmada Indus River is the most important river that falls in the Arabian Sea, apart from this the Narmada and Tapti rivers of India fall into the Arabian Sea.

8) Mansa Varanasi which became Miss India in 2020 From which place does ?
Ans : Telangana

9) Andhra Pradesh is situated on the bank of which river ?
Ans : Krishna.

10) Which of the following mountain ranges are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh ?
Ans : Pal Konda mountain ranges

11) In which state are the Nilgiri hills located?
Ans : Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka

12) Who became the Subedar of Awadh in 1722?
Ans : Saadat Ali Khan I

13) Osteoporosis disease is related to ?
Ans : Bone disease 
Note : Caused by deficiency of calcium and vitamins

14) Which program has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Independence Day 2020 ?
Ans :  National Digital Health Mission

15) Malaria disease is caused by the bite of which mosquito ?
Ans : female Anopheles mosquito

16) Which is the first Indian state to start rooftop rainwater harvesting? 
Ans : Tamil Nadu 
Note : Tamil Nadu made it mandatory to install rain water harvesting in the state.  This project was started in 2001 in all rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

17) When has the Krishi Udan Yojana been launched?
Ans : Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the launch of Krishi Udan Yojana while presenting the Union Budget 2020-21..
 1 February 2020

18) STAPEDIUS is related to which part of human ?
Ans : The stapedius muscle is the tiny muscle in the middle ear

19) Tell the antonym of modern ?
Ans : Ancient.

20) tell the correct spelling of virtue

21) Name the synonyms of Saraswati ?
Ans : Gira, Sharda, Bharati, Veenapani, Vimala, Vagish, Vageshwari.

22) What is the antonym of ordinary,?
Ans :  special, grand

23) Give the synonyms of Maheep ?
Ans : Dharadhish, Naresh, Emperor, Mahipati, Nripa, Shahenshah.

24) give correct spelling of reslut.

25) Author of the book Why I am Hindu ?
Ans : Shashi Tharoor.

26) Where is Kalamkari Painting Famous ?
Ans : Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton fabric produced in Isfahan, Iran and the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.  Only natural dyes are used in Kalamkari, which involves twenty three steps.

27) Udayachal, the mountain behind which the sun rises.

28) Obstacles keep coming in life

3rd Shift

1) Who is the author of the book my country my life
Ans : LK Advani.

2) Which country has presided over the G-20 Summit 2020 ?
Ans : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 
Note : 2021 Italy Rome

3) Who is the author of the book Obama the call of history? 
Ans : Peter Baker

4) From which country did Marco Polo come to India in the year 1292 AD?  
Ans : Venice Traveler Coromandel Coast.  Italian traveler from Venice who was given the title of 'Prince of Medieval Travelers'

5) Vijayanagar has become the 31st district of which Indian state? 
Ans : Karnataka state.

6) Who became the President of the 2020 Olympic Committee (IOC)? 
Ans : Thomas Bach 
Note : founded 1894 Headquarters - Lausanne, Switzerland

7) What was the land presented to Brahmins in the Chola dynasty called?  According to the land categories mentioned in the Brahmadeya Chola inscription, the land given to a farmer other than Brahmins is known as

8) Which country hosted the first Asian Games in the year 1951?
Ans : New Delhi, 
Note : India New Delhi - 1951. The first Asian Games were held in New Delhi from March 4 to 11, 1951.  Held between ... Tokyo - 1958 .... Jakarta - 1962 .

9) When was the first Union Budget presented?
Ans :  The first budget of independent India was presented by Finance Minister RK Shanmukham Chetty on 26 November 1947.  The first budget of Republic India was presented by John Mathai on 28 February 1950.

10) What is the synonym of bird?  
Ans : Khag, Nabchar, Shakuni, Vihag, Pakheru, Andaj, Dwij 

11) Antonym of bitter - sweet

12) antonym of ascend - descend

13) What do you call a person whose depth is not known? 
Ans : unfathomable.

14) Which project was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Independence Day in 2020?  
Ans : Project Dolphin was announced to be launched.

15) What is the minimum age to become a Gram Panchayat member?  
Ans : 21 years

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