SSC GD Exam 2nd & 3rd Shift 3rd December 2021 GS and English Questions


 SSC GD Exam 2nd Shift 3rd December 2021 

SSC GD constable December 3rd questions available now 3rd December 2021 Shift 2 exam Held, questions download here.

1) World AIDS Day is celebrated on which day ?
Ans :  on 1st December
2) Which four teams reached the playoffs in IPL 2020?
Ans : MI, DC, SRH, RCB  (MI win)
Note : CSK, KKR, RCB, DC  (CSK win)
3) When was the Bharat Ratna Award started?
Ans : 2 January 1954
4) In which article the end of untouchability is mentioned ?
Ans :  Article 17
5) With which sport is the word Deuce related?
Ans : Tennis
6) Who was made the Nawab of Bengal after the Battle of Plassey in 1757?
Ans : Meer Jafar
7) Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveil the Statue of Peace in 2020 through video conference?
Ans : Pali , Rajasthan
Note : On the 151st birth anniversary of Jainacharya Vijay Vallabh Surishwar ji Maharaj unveiled the 'Statue of Peace' installed in his honor.
8) Which bank has set up a floating ATM on a houseboat at Dal Lake in Srinagar?
Ans : SBI
Note : The ATM was inaugurated by Dinesh Kumar Kha Ra, Chairman, State Bank of India. SBI first launched the floating ATM in 2004 at Jhankar Nauka, Kerala.
9) Which of the following river flows parallel to Narmada?
Ans : Tapathi
10) Total how many medals won by India in Poland Summer Olympics 2020 ?
Ans : Seven ( G-1, S-2, B-4)
11) Who is given a Mudra loan of ₹ 10 lakh under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana ?
Ans : Tarun, Note :  It was started by 8 April 2015.
12) Who was defeated before the establishment of the East India Company?
Ans : 1612 Battle of Savali to the Portuguese at Surat
13) Khullam is the dance of which Indian state?
Ans : Mijoram
14) Who has become the youngest mayor of India ?
Ans : Arya Rajendran, from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
15) Which actor sent a defamation notice of 500 crores to a YouTuber in the year 2020?
Ans : Akshay Kumar to Rashid Siddiqui

14) Which of the following is not a synonym of Himalaya ? 
Ans : Rituraj Himgiri, Himachal, Giriraj, Parvatraj, Nagpati, Himpati, Nagaraj, Himadri, Nagesh...
15) Explain the meaning of the idiom ?
Ans : To cry  become angry or annoyed.
16) tell the antonym of immortal ?
Ans : Mortal
17) Tell the correct Spelling of Chief ?
18) Explain the meaning of the idiom of sweet knife ?
Ans : betray to deceive.
19) Whoever has something new tell me a single word ?
Ans : Marking.
20) I went to school after drinking milk, tell the error in the sentence ?
Ans : Iam
21) ORS solution is given for ? 
Ans : cholera disease
22) Tell the antonym of rise ?
Ans : The set
23) Vitamin D Chemical Name ?
Ans : Calsipherol.
24) covid-19 first case in India wich State ?
Ans : Kerala
25) Uttar Pradesh State governor 2021 ?
Ans : Anandiben Patel

Video I am already created previous shift wise questions if you want to get the information please must and should read complete articles in this website links also mention.
Hindi article SSC GD exam aspirants get 2nd shift and 3rd Shift held on 3rd December 2021 questions.

SSC GD Exam 2021 (3rd Shift 3rd December)

1) Which soil found in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is considered suitable for the cultivation of cashew? 
Ans : Laterite soil
2) The bicameral system in India has been taken from the constitution of which country? 
Ans :  UK Country.
3) Amartya Sen has been honored with which country's highest award in 2021? 
Ans : Amartya Sen has been awarded the 'Princess of Asturias Award', Spain's highest award in the field of social science.
4) From which language is the word ecology derived?  Ans : From Greek.
5) In whose time Ryotwari system was started?  
Ans : Ryotwari system in the time of Thomas Munro in 1792 AD.  It was first implemented in Baramahal district of Madras Presidency.  Thomas Munro 1819 AD.  1826 AD
6) In which state of India is Tamenglong festival celebrated?
Ans :  in the state of Manipur
7) When did the Indian Hockey team win its first World Cup?
Ans :  1975 (Defeating Pakistan)
8) What is the synonym of eye? 
Ans : Lochan, Akshya, Nain, Ambak, Nayan, Eye, Eye, Eye, Driga, Vilochan, Drishti, Akshy
9) If related to the Atlantic Ocean, to whom would Panama belong?
Ans : From the Canal.
10) Article 29 of the Indian Constitution deals with?
Ans : To protect the interests of minorities.
11) World AIDS Day is celebrated on which day ?
Ans : 1 December
12) Which four teams reached the playoff in IPL 2020 ?
 Ans :  MI , DC , SRH , RCB
Note : 2021 CSK , KKR , RCB , DC

SSC GD English Language Question

1) Give the meaning of the idiom to distribute pulses in shoes?
Ans :  have a fight
2) Tell the meaning of the idiom rolling papad? 
Ans : Suffer great trouble
3) Antonym of Awakening
Ans : Sleep
4) Can you tell one word for the one who was born in a high family? 
Ans : Aristocrat.
5) Correct spelling of Praise Asked?

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