SSC GD Exam 6th December 2021 | Shift 1, 2 & 3 General Awareness and English Language Question

 SSC GD Exam 2021 (6th December) 

1st Shift Real Asked Questions

1) Who has become the first woman deputy chief minister of Bihar
Ans : Renu Devi

2) Under which article does the pardoning power of the President come under ?
Ans : Article 72

3) Where will the 2023 Cricket World Cup be held?
Ans : India

4) which soil absorbs more water ?
Ans : Clay .

5) When did the saffron of Kashmir got the GI tag?
Ans : July 2020

6) What was the old name of State Bank of India ?
Ans : Imperial Bank of India (IBI)
Note : On 1 July 1955, on the recommendation of the Gorewala Committee, the Imperial Bank was nationalized and 'State Bank of India' was established.

7) Dingko Singh is related to which sport?
Ans : Dingko Singh is an Indian boxer who won the gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games.  they are from manipur

8) Which player from India participated in US Open 2020 and won his first match?
Ans : Sumit Nagal
Note : Indian tennis player Sumit Nagal has become the first Indian in the last 7 years to win a singles match in a Grand Slam tournament.  Nagal achieved this feat by defeating Bradley Klan of America in the first round of the fourth and final Grand Slam US Open (US OPEN 2020) of the year.

9) Which is the classical dance form of Tamil Nadu ?
Ans : Bharatanatyam.

10) Article 25 with Deals ?
Ans : Freedom to profess, practice and propagate freely) its conscience and under the Dharma, every person in India has the freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion.

English Language

1) Name the synonyms of Indra ?
Ans : Surpati, Purandara, Vasava, Mahendra, Devraj, Suradhip, Shachipati, Madhava, Shakra, Shatamanyu, Sahasraksha, Suresh, Meghavahana, Shachish, Marutpati, Devendra, Surendra, Amaresh, Marutpal.

2) Tell the antonym of accessible, ?
Ans : Rare.

3) Give the meaning of the idiom falling water from the head,?
Ans : falling in such a situation that the trouble or crisis reaches its climax.

4) Give the correct spelling of son bride ?

5) To deal with calamity Explain the meaning of the idiom to deliberately create a situation that will result in suffering or calamity.

6) Tell the antonym of disdain ?
Ans : Award, welcome.

7)  Water going above the head ?
Ans : become unbearable.

2nd Shift Real Asked Questions

1) The battle of Chandawar took place between Mohammad Ghori and Jaichand, in which Jaichand was the ruler of which dynasty?
Ans : Gahadwal dynasty

2) Who is the Author of the book CHANGING INDIA ?
Ans : Old Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 

3) MICHAEL PHILLIPS belonging to which sport ?
Ans : American swimmer 
Note : He Won 23 Olympic gold medal

4) Who attacked India in 712 AD ?
Ans : Muhammad bin Qasim

5) If Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, what will be Capital for Australia?
Ans : Canberra.

6) What is the meaning of last word T in VVPAT ?
Note : (Voter verifiable paper audit trail)

7) When did the Central Government start the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,?
Ans : The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was started on the occasion of the 145th birth anniversary (October 2, 2014) of Mahatma Gandhi.

8) Which Indian player has retired from all forms of cricket in November 2020 ?
Ans : Sudeep Tyagi

9) Which reacts with water in calcium hydroxide?
Ans : Calcium oxide.

10) When was the first commercial bank of India established?
Ans : (Bank of Hindustan)
 Note: Bank of Hindustan was the first commercial bank in India, established in 1770.

11) What is the minimum amount that can be deposited in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana ?
Ans : 250 rupees.

12) Prayag Prashasti inscription is in which Language ?
Ans : Language Sanskrit script Brahmi

English Language

1) Give the synonyms of mountain ?
Ans : Shail, Nag, Bhudhar, Anchal, Mahidhar, Giri, Bhumidhar, Tung, Adri.

2) Synonyms of king ?
Ans : Nrip, Bhupati, Bhup, Naresh, Mahipati, Avneesh, Narpati, Narendra, Mahipal

3) synonyms of the earth ?
Ans : Dhara, Earth, Vasudha, Zamin, Prithvi, Bhumi, Bhumi, Dharani, Vasundhara, Achala, Mahi, Ratnavati, Ratnagarbha.

4) Give the meaning of the idiom shooting arrows in the dark ?
Ans : aimless effort

5) Meaning of nose idiom ?
Ans : To defame

6) Which new submarine was commissioned in Manjhagaon, Mumbai?
Ans : Vela.

3rd Shift Real Asked Questions

1) Who built the Char Minar? 
Ans : Mohd Quli Qutbshah, Hyderabad Telangana

2) Which is the first state formed on the basis of language in India?
Ans :  Andra Pradesh
Note : On October 1953, the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed.  This state was the first state in independent India to be formed on the basis of language.

3) Who won silver medal along with Mirabai Chanu in Tokyo Olympics 2021? 
Ans : Ravi Kumar Dahiya

4) Which is the largest cell of the human body? 
Ans : Nerve cells.

5) Which river flows between Ladakh and Zanskar mountain ranges?
Ans : Indus

6) What is the northernmost part of the Himalayas called? 
Ans : Para Himalaya or Trans Himalaya.

7) One question was asked ?
 FDI foreign direct investment 

8) What is the instruction given to the candidates at the time of election called? 
Ans : Code of conduct

English Language

1) tell the meaning of the idiom break the pen ?
Ans : to express in excellent words and style

2) Tell the meaning of the phrase Taal Thokna to challenge to fight

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